What is artificial blue light?

When we say artificial blue light exposure is harmful, here's what we mean: artificial blue light comes from any device with a screen, like a TV, phone, laptop, and trace amounts from any fluorescent/LED lighting in your home!

So while you're staring scrolling on your phone at night, working on the computer, or watching your favorite show before bed, these are all instances where you should be wearing your blue light glasses. In fact, after 5 pm, your blue light glasses should never leave your face until your head hits the pillow at night. It's not a bad thing to be exposed to blue light during the day. It's used in hotel hallways and breakfast buffets to make you feel more awake. You wouldn't need help waking up if you got a good night's sleep in the first place though... This brings us back to the importance of wearing your blue-light-blocking glasses at least 4 hours before going to bed.

When artificial blue light messes with your sleep pattern, it's actually disturbing your circadian rhythm. Circadian Rhythms are your body's physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. This is a natural process that primarily responds to light and dark, meaning when the sun is up, your body wakes up, and when the sun goes down, your body winds down. Now, that's a great thought in theory, but how many of us in the modern world feel tired when the sun goes down? The answer is simple... can you guess it? It's because of the time we spend in front of these man-made devices emitting artificial blue light right before bedtime.

Now let's say you already get a pretty good night's sleep, but you notice that by the end of the day, your eyes feel irritated or swollen. That's another symptom of overexposure to artificial blue light! If you spend more than three hours at a time in front of a screen during the day, it's recommended to wear blue-light-blocking glasses to free your eyes from those annoying symptoms. Even people who suffer from chronic migraines find that blocking blue light decreases their symptoms. It's a simple fix, all you have to do is put on a cool pair of glasses and get to work!
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