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*PAT's: Putting Alignment Tool*

Introducing the first ever, short game eyewear training aid designed specifically as a visual putting and eye-alignment tool - in other words, sunglasses with special stickers that help you putt better.

The PAT's custom lenses are specifically designed help golfers achieve perfect alignment by providing a visual reference point of the target line and instant feedback on head movement or sway, with distance control reference points for 5-15 footers.

Imagine having a putting mirror, lasers, alignment sticks and a putting coach in your pocket!

How to use: 

1: Put on the glasses...

2: Position your feet and body parallel towards your target

3: Adjust or tilt your head until the golf ball is in the middle of the circle with the lines (on the inside of lenses) aligned on your intended start path. 

4: When ready, keep the ball aligned inside the circle with a steady head and stable core, using the shoulders to control your pendulum motion.  Use the dots as a distance reference in the backswing to work on the 5-15 footers. 

Additional Info:

- Important: Must be worn in sunny or well lit environments.

Take a few practice strokes with the putter face moving down and through the lines, to get your eyes adjusted to seeing through the lenses.  Once your eyes are adjusted you should be able to focus on the decal clearly.

- At setup, position your head to align the ball in the circle.  This establishes first and most important reference point and encourages keeping the head steady through the putting stroke by keeping the eyes focused on a fixed position that moves in sync with head or body movement  - because of an optical center - if the head or body moves, the decal will as well, and the ball will move outside the circle, naturally giving you feedback on head stability of your stroke.    

- Lines parallel to target show the starting path parallel of your setup - and a "down the line" visual which gives golfers a reference point to move the putter head forward and back on.

- Use the dots as a distance reference in the backswing.  Different for everyone, but as a baseline, each dot represents 5 feet. 

- Two and a half putter head lengths from the ball is typically a good reference point to position your feet - at setup, you should see your toes close to the bottom line

"See the feel" by training your eyes to see the target line at setup position parallel towards the intended target.  Giving the eyes a roadmap helps you control movement, biomechanics, and ultimately the feel of putt or swing motion needed. 

Think less, feel more, and improve your game on the greens with the only putting alignment eyewear on the planet!

*Patent Pending*

(NOTE: use only as a golf training aid.  Not intended to be worn during a round or in competition.  Do not wear these glasses operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery.)